Karen made the move to Cape Cod in 2007 and is a proud Bostonian! Her diverse background includes client services, project management and a degree in marketing, which makes a perfect mix for representing both buyers and sellers. Having been a vacationer on the Cape for many years, an absentee homeowner and finally full time resident in 2007, Karen has experienced firsthand what a vacationer seeks, the challenges of purchasing and managing a second home and the benefits of living on Cape Cod year 'round. Karen has managed three of her own vacation homes and can recommend features and amenities that will attract and retain qualified renters, supporting your investment. From a seller perspective, Karen's education, professional photo equipment and social media savvy will present your home as a total package. Karen goes beyond just listing your home; she totally markets it as she would for a client selling a product.

Karen prides herself on giving all of her clients the most precise and relevant information on the state of the Cape Cod market, trends, comparable sales and property values. She provides both buyer and seller clients with a realistic outlook on what they can expect to achieve in the current market. If you are considering selling or investing here on Cape Cod, Karen will guide you through the process graciously and professionally.

Karen has been a licensed Cape Cod Realtor since 2009 and has extensive connections in the community. To reach Karen, call her cell (508) 680-6950 or contact Kinlin Grover | COMPASS Real Estate in Orleans. (508) 255-3001.  You can also visit www.ccsold.com

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